Special Projects

Special events are always a highlight of ours – taking the same months of meticulous planning as a concert tour but all for one shining moment where everyone works together under pressure to deliver a unique experience.

Our experience with special events is unparalleled. From delivering award-winning lighting across Dubai’s Burj Khalifa on New Year’s Eve to over ten years of Mardi Gras parties, the largest ever Ultra Music Festival stage in Miami or the prestigious opening of the Singapore National Gallery, our team have executed outstanding designs all over the world.

Our experience and attention to detail in planning, previsualisation, programming and operation makes us perfect for one offs and special events. Our proven track record with events staged in everything from television studios through to mile-wide outdoor sites is evident in our ability to deliver amazing visual designs time and time again, regardless of budget, lead time or other constraints.

Take a look at our diverse portfolio below and see how we’ve brought everything from outdoor flower festivals through to internationally broadcast events to life.

Vector Lights // Auckland Harbour Bridge

Mandylights designed, installed, programmed and continue to maintain the permanent Vector Lights project on the Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand. The landmark project created by Vector, Auckland Transport and Auckland City Council saw Mandylights design a spectacular, kilometre long installation of nearly one hundred thousand LED pixels that accentuate and illuminate the bridge’s unique architecture. The entire bridge is pixel mapped to display innovative content at different times of the year, and is powered entirely by a solar system. One of the largest projects of its kind in the world, the Vector Lights changed the face of Auckland City and represents only the beginning of an exciting smart energy partnership for the city.

Dubai New Year’s Eve

We worked with almost a thousand moving lights over a cubic kilometre site to deliver the largest new year’s eve show ever in Dubai. Featuring over a dozen stages in the middle of the Dubai Fountain and the world’s widest projection surface, the ‘Water, Fire and Light’ NYE show played to over a million people, garnished attention from around the world and most importantly, delivered an amazing impact for live viewers of the show who watched from every possible angle in Downtown Dubai. Mandylights was involved for over six months in the show design and development, spending over a month on site for overnight programming and previsualisation. Using two consoles and programmers, the 20 minute show featured nearly two thousand lighting cues.

The Liminal Hour // Vivid Sydney

Commissioned by the Barangaroo Development Authority (a division of the NSW State Government) Mandylights worked with creature workshop Erth to develop a completely new theatrical experience as part of Vivid Sydney – the world’s largest festival of light. The multi-hour experience featured a dramatically lit custom made puppet that towered some six metres into the air, internally illuminated by over three hundred individually controlled LED pixels. The creature’s lighting was controlled wirelessly and locally by puppeteers, with controls overridden for a dramatic show sequence, where Mandylights designed and installed some sixty custom outdoor moving light fixtures, all rigged on custom made tower systems. Mandylights provided complete technical design, installation and operation for the month long festival which operated flawlessly throughout almost every type of weather imaginable.

Ultra Music Festival // 15th Anniversary

Mandylights was invited to design, program and operate lighting for the landmark 15th anniversary main stage of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Using over 1,100 intelligent lights, the towering pyramid stage has become an iconic, instantly recognisable design that produced some of the most amazing visual states ever seen at an EDM festival.

Dally M Medal

Since 2005, Mandylights has designed production, lighting and video for the prestigious Dally M Medal – the Australian National Rugby League’s annual night of nights. In multiple venues, Mandylights has created constantly innovative scenic, lighting and visual designs, each year backing them up with the technical installation and delivery regardless of complexity.

Future Music Festival

Mandylights designed lighting and co-designed scenic for the largest and final instalment of the massive Australian / Singaporean Future Music Festival. The stage design, based on a new concept by designer Richard Neville, featured an epic Central-American inspired sun design with the DJ stage in the centre. The internationally touring stage design featured a circular lighting concept, with hundreds of special effects and pyrotechnics shots integrated throughout the multi-layered setup that stood almost forty metres wide. Mandylights provided ongoing lighting previsualisation, programming and operation for artists including Martin Garrix, Timmy Trumpet and Knife Party.

Kynren // An Epic Tale of England

Mandylights supplies lighting direction, programming and revised design for this enormous outdoor theatrical event in the UK. A sprawling set, hundreds of cast and epic show setting sees over a thousand lighting cues set to timecode and multiple external triggers.

Singapore National Gallery // Opening

We were very privileged to travel to Singapore to design the opening of the Singapore National Gallery. Mandylights provided lighting design, operation and programming for three events including an internal launch inside the gallery, an expansive projection and lighting show across the venue’s near 200m long front facade, and a sprawling art carnival featuring interactive and performance art that took place on the Padang outside the gallery. In Singapore for almost a month, the Mandylights team created dozens of unique lighting environments to support the multiple different artworks around the site and programmed a dramatic show featuring nearly two hundred moving lights that told the story of Singapore’s rich art history in a mix of lighting and video effects.

BBC Asian Network Live

Stage and lighting design for this huge BBC, live broadcast awards show. Mandylights looked after all aspects of the stage design and lighting, including balancing the visual appearance of the show so it looked as good on television as it did in the room.

Chinese New Year

Mandylights enjoyed creating numerous larger-than-life Zodiac lanterns for the City of Sydney as part of the largest Lunar New Year celebrations outside of China. In recent years, we’ve created a six metre high transparent smiling tiger, a snake made up of thousands of illuminated balls, three giant monkeys sitting atop an inflatable pencil, an impressive Ox built out of large Mah-Jong tiles, a spiral of a thousand hand-moulded and internally illuminated pigs, and an intricate dragon’s head using thousands of pieces of hand-dyed material – all created in house at Mandylights. On top of all this, we also found time to light the Sydney Harbour Bridge bright red – brighter and bolder than ever before using over 1,500 of our custom made LED mTubes and associated distribution equipment.

Parrtjima // A Festival In Light

Set in the middle of the Australian Outback just outside the Northern Territory city of Alice Springs, Parrtjima is the world’s largest light festival celebrating Australian Aboriginal art. Since 2017, we’ve worked extensively with festival producers AGB Events and their client, Northern Territory Major Events Company, to create a series of stunning light-based installations along with a bold light show across the MacDonnell Ranges which sees up to three kilometres of the imposing range lit up to help share the stories of the local people. Mandylights has developed unique gesture-based interactive controls, allowing people to take control of movement and colour effects across the ranges in addition to the dozens of purpose-made light artworks.


Mandylights provided lighting, production design and management for the enormous Rockcorps events in Australia, which saw artists including Rudimental, Empire of the Sun and Dizzee Rascal take to the stage in front of thousands. The tight-paced festival saw us take multiple broadcast elements and an exciting live show aspect into account.

Mardi Gras Party

Since 2005, our staff have been involved in lighting the world’s largest LGBTQI+ party event – spanning multiple Parties and Sleaze Balls of all shapes and sizes. The annual Party, held each year in March, has featured up to seven venues running simultaneously, with Mandylights supplying lighting design and operation for all spaces. Our production and stage design work has included creations for headline performers including Kylie Minogue, Cher, Olivia Newton-John, Boy George, the Freemasons and many more.

Australian Country Music Awards

We designed and operated lighting, video and production for two years of the Australian Country Music Awards in Tamworth. One of our favourite events featured an expansive design of corrugated iron panels that were mapped for projection and lighting effects throughout the show.

Floriade NightFest

Mandylights has worked extensively on Floriade – the southern hemisphere’s largest floral show – and producers from the ACT State Government since 2010 to light the ever-growing Floriade NightFest event. Each year, the Floriade festival features five exciting nights of illuminations and lighting shows that sees the acres of festival lit up in new and exciting ways. Working with an annual theme, Mandylights typically designs, installs and operates up to a thousand lighting fixtures in all types of weather, including an annual showcase installation which features a new exciting light artwork developed specifically for the event. In the near decade of work on the event, Mandylights has designed and built a unique system for rigging and powering the site, and pushed the event’s green credentials by increasing the scope of lighting each year while dramatically reducing energy consumption through the consistent revisions of technology.

Presence Conference // C3 Church

Mandylights has designed several C3 church conferences around the world, not the least of which being Sydney’s epic Presence Conference.

Australia Day Celebrations

Mandylights has designed immersive lighting solutions for Australia’s National Day Celebrations, including an expansive show sequence featuring hundreds of controllable lighting effects across Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

ASTRA Awards

Mandylights has provided lighting design for five years of the ASTRA Awards, which have included unique scenic and lighting creations for awards and performances of all kinds. Challenged each year with the directive to provide highly individual looks for up to six musical performances, Mandylights have consistently delivered cohesive, diverse and innovative lighting designs.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra

Mandylights was thrilled to light the gala concert for what was the world’s most watched live streamed YouTube event – a spectacularly illuminated event inside the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. Working with Google and a team of renowned event producers, the record breaking event not only featured standard stage lighting, but also included an immersive, surrounding lighting design that filled the venue with colour and movement to support 360 degree video projection around the upper walls of the venue.

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium Opening

Mandylights created a spectacular design for the opening of Melbourne’s new rectangular stadium, featuring over a hundred innovatively rigged moving lights to avoid the venue’s ‘no flown rigging’ policy. The one-night-only design included illumination of the internal venue for broadcast and the live crowd, with integrations including laser, video and audio in near torrential rain.

Parramatta Lanes

Mandylights has enjoyed working with Parramatta City Council since the first year of their highly successful Parramatta Lanes event, which sees typically unused or under-utilised laneways and alleys of the city transformed into four nights of food, entertainment and artworks. With a production process spread over several months each year, Mandylights works with multiple clients and stakeholders to develop unique, innovative lighting treatments that include carparks, alleys, parklands and rooftops. In recent years, we’ve provided banks of searchlights atop rooftops, gigantic low resolution screens made up of LED pixels across the sides of multi-storey carparks, and groves of hundreds of Chinese and Korean lanterns in hidden alleyways. Mandylights supplies design, equipment, crewing, programming and operation of the festival’s lighting which is installed in centre of a busy central business district each year.