The Mandylights Team

Meet the Team

Richard Neville

Managing Director / Designer

Liam Ashton

Technical Designer

Kate Chalker

Director Finance and Operations

Alex Swinden

Artworks Manager

Reece Wilcox


Steve Bewley


Tanwee Shrestha

Production Designer

Casey Morrison

Production Coordinator

Bronte Lock


Ricardo Catarino


Tom Edwards


Nick Goulden

Project Manager

Nick Sheen

Senior Technician

Suesan Truong


Alex Hughes

Technical Designer

Kayla Burrett

Project Manager

Tom Wightwick

Lighting Associate

Candice Roxburgh

HR Manager


Our team of in house technicians, production managers and operators have the ability to deliver our creative regardless of scale or location.

While we don’t always deliver production for our creative, we always seek to offer our clients options, especially for projects requiring bespoke production components that may sit outside the scope of a traditional production company / designer relationship.

Non-industry standard

production resources

We always vowed never to own generic rental stock. Aside from the usual collection of world class control solutions including MA3 consoles, PRG MBox media servers and Hippotizers, you’ll find a carefully curated stock of equipment that Mandylights develops in house.

Our stock of over two hundred outdoor search lights and two thousand outdoor static fixtures compliments our range of kilometres of LED tubes and tens of thousands of bespoke pixels – all controlled by our unique proprietary mTSU network and power products.

Our products are the result of years of work and an endless search to create design-lead products, by designers. Our network of global suppliers and outstanding track record ensures that we can offer products and entire show solutions that are tailored specifically for any application.

Industry leading


Mandylights is the only lighting company in the world to run identical Depence, L8 and WYSIWYG in identical setups in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, UK. Our fully tourable, scaleable systems use class-leading networked dongle technology, including realtime desktop sharing for remote applications. Our studios are available for external hire.



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