Mandylights illuminated the Wallerawang Power Station twin cooling towers over the weekend as part of a stunning lighting, video and fireworks display to celebrate the historic venue ahead of its demolition in late November 2021.

Located about two hours west of Sydney, Australia, the coal-fuelled power station has provided electricity to the state grid since 1957. Now decommissioned, the event gave residents - many of whom have lived and worked at the station for its entire life - a chance to say goodbye to the iconic structures that have dominated the skyline for over half a century.

Mandylights employed the company's mBeam searchlight fixtures and mCity outdoor LED floods to create a stunning series of gradient colour schemes along with dramatic columns and fans of light that could be seen up to sixty kilometres away. Wireless DMX and MA Lighting International control systems allowed for precise control almost a kilometre away from the actual fixtures.

We were excited to work with Microhire who mapped the main cooling tower with stunning video projection and see a great fireworks show by Howard and Sons cap off the night's celebration.