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There are always a handful of shows and experiences that define us and represent the absolute best of what we do. This ever-changing page calls out those projects we feel truly encapsulates everything that Mandylights values.

Larger Than Life - Las Vegas Residency

Backstreet Boys

We created a 270′ wide immersive stage spectacular for the world’s biggest boy band as they stormed into Las Vegas with their Larger Than Life residency. Our production, stage and lighting design featured unique automation and a sprawling set that enveloped and amazed guests.

Immersive Experience

The Moama Lights

A 600m long bespoke light and sound experience that was developed with local first nations communities and incorporated over two hundred unique projected artworks along the banks of the Murray River. Enjoyed by thousands, the Moama Lights have set a high bar for immersive experiences in Australia.

Vector Lights Permanent Installation

Auckland Harbour Bridge

We designed, maintain and operate the Vector Lights on the Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand; a stunning lighting installation made up of over 100,000 individually controllable pixels that redefined the city skyline.

Light Artwork

Cathedral of Light

While Mandylights has over thirty stunning light artworks touring the world, our iconic Cathedral of Light is instantly recognisable anywhere. Made up of over one hundred thousand individual lights, the arch-window shape of the artwork has been seen by millions in Australia, the UK, United Arab Emirates, USA and beyond.

Special Event

Dubai New Year's Eve

We created an expansive design spanning over a cubic kilometre that included the lighting of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain and fourteen stages around Downtown Dubai for one of the world’s largest new years eve celebrations.

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