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We are a full-service creative house that designs outstanding visual experiences for the entertainment industry. With a history spanning fifteen years, our work includes international arena tours, illumination of some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks and light artworks in dozens of countries.

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From humble beginnings

to international powerhouse

Mandylights began in 2006 when a group of designers established the region’s first dedicated entertainment design firm in Sydney. Our strong team-based approach to design saw us fill a niche between freelance designers and run-of-the-mill production companies and we grew from our theatrical roots quickly into large-scale corporate and special events.

As we grew, we identified another gap in the market for bespoke fixture and creative solutions design. We were always frustrated by the lack of choice in the market, so set about forming relationships with international suppliers to develop creative-lead products and control systems to meet our high creative standards. 

Today, Mandylights is made up of a team of some forty designers, programmers, technicians and staff that are capable of delivering end-to-end creative and production solutions for any application. The company has worked in over sixty five countries around the world and has grown while maintaining its creative focus to develop a strong and accountable business back end. We offer our staff a chance to begin and progress their careers within an exciting company the works everywhere from school halls to stadiums, while offering our clients an unrivalled level of experience across projects of any size.

Industry-leading creatives

backed by unrivalled administration

We’re far from your average lighting design house. In an age where every freelance designer has a flashy business name, slick website and a fun instagram page, Mandylights stands out with a track record of seventeen years of constant growth thanks to a dedicated, fully in house administration team and our full time team of forty. Our finance and operations staff ensure that everything we do creatively is always supported by experienced, resourced professionals handling everything from single-entity billing through to joint venture and shared-risk projects with our immersive experiences.

Mandylights counts local, state and federal governments around the world as close clients, thanks largely to our offering of a stable, balanced and transparent world-class firm that performs as well behind the scenes as it does under the spotlight.

Scaleable solutions

for any project

We offer a full range of scaleable design and production solutions across all markets that can be individually adapted to each and every project; from a single service such as lighting design through to complete show design, management and production.

Our production department is capable of deliver bespoke, unique production solutions that range from customised lighting fixtures through to world-wide touring procurement and delivery on any scale – from school halls to stadiums.

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We work across special project, light artwork, concert and immersive environment markets to create outstanding visual designs.

Production delivery + support

Our in-house production team can deliver any creative – from international concert tours to the lighting of entire cityscapes. We also design and stock an extensive range of bespoke equipment that’s made by designers, for designers.


Mandylights Pty. Ltd
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United Kingdom

Mandylights UK LTD.
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