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We’re all about design

that transcends disciplines

We’ve never conformed with the idea of working in one area of entertainment; we believe that good design can apply to any experience and have built our individual and corporate careers on this foundation.

Our experiences, influences and aspirations lead us to take the best elements of traditional concert design and apply them to amp-up corporate presentations. We take the immersive elements of our work in light art and bend them to create mind-blowing immersive experiences.

At Mandylights, we draw on the diverse backgrounds of our designers and create outstanding, unique visual solutions for any application. Click below to learn more about any of our key markets.

Concert Touring

Explore Concert

From the world’s largest stadiums and arenas to underground clubs, ornate theatres and booming concert halls; we work across genres to create memorable concert and theatrical experiences anywhere in the world.

Immersive Experiences

Explore Immersive

We work with local communities and cultures to produce stunning immersive experiences in everywhere from caves to beaches and beyond. Utilising sound, light, video and any other medium we can work with, our experiential environments are world-class.

Light Art

Explore Light Art

We’ve created nearly forty unique stand-alone light artworks that are exhibited worldwide and range in scale, inspiration, interactivity and immersion. We understand the practicalities of touring and outdoor design for any sized application.

Special Events

Explore Special Events

Our work on special events ranges from large-scale product launches to automotive shows, state new year’s eve celebrations and one off events with months of preproduction. We’re always up for the challenge of special event design, regardless of scale.

From concept

to completion

We visualise, draw, program, design, create content and refine entirely in house. Our mix of staff, technology and skills let us create amazing projects from start to finish with our large full time staff – again, not relying on freelance operators or part-time thinkers – we’re all in it for the long haul.

And finally, we present, operate and manage our designs from curtain up on the first night until the last truck is packed at the end of the tour. Our lighting directors, operators and production managers oversee delivery and manage creative no matter how long – whether it’s a decade of maintenance on a harbour bridge or four weeks of touring arena show – with a direct link back to the original design team.


on a global scale

Between our offices in the United Kingdom and Australia, we’re able to offer a unique workflow that sees no downtime, with designers and administration working on a twenty four hour cycle.

We draw on the experience of our global team for every project, and deliver using our worldwide capacity – this extends to content creation, construction drawing and even project management.

Ultimately, we aim to work with you in your timezone on a local scale, with the limitless support of our team behind the scenes.


not daydreams.

All our designs are grounded in reality. We don’t do mood boards or sketches; we design with production, budgets and logistics in mind which ensures that our clients are always presented with realistic, achievable solutions.

While we’re passionate about great design, we firmly believe that value for money, an appreciation of scale, delivery constraints and an understanding of the big picture is essential – more than ever in a post-Covid world – to keep our concepts achievable and practical at every stage.

From school halls

to stadiums

We love to create memorable experiences on any scale. Ever since we began, we’ve remained true to our roots and continued to work with schools, small theatre companies and charities around the world.

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