Immersive Experiences

We partner with private organisations and governments around the world to create outstanding, unique immersive experiences. From abandoned train tunnels beneath cities to carparks, forests and theme parks, Mandylights delivers end-to-end immersive experience design and delivery – from first creative concept through to the installation of every light, speaker and artwork on site.

Free from the traditional boundaries of proscenium arches and arenas floors, we take great pride in creating multi-disciplinary immersive experiences that offer an unprecedented level of engagement, excitement and enchantment for audiences, stakeholders and brands alike.

Immersive experiences can see forests, parklands, car parks – indeed any urban or natural environment into a night-time wonderland of transformative light and sound.

From concept

to completion

We believe in a shared journey with our clients from the first phone call to the final debrief meeting. Our team values long-term relationships where projects thrive with active collaboration – not only for creative aspects, but across administration, production and event management channels.

We deliver all aspects of design, production and project management entirely in-house; our designs are always backed by technical and administrative support and the individual crew involved in the design of each experience are actively involved in each delivery.

Our designers connect directly with our clients and the whole Mandylights team is always available to develop any aspect of a project – this is a deliberate attempt to both increase engagement while not resort to traditional methods of “account management” which limit creativity.

A committment

to local suppliers

Our philosophy to engage and celebrate local communities extends far beyond just the creative design. Wherever possible, we utilise local labour, site equipment, accomodation, transport and any other resources. We are transparent, open and honest and willing to work with clients at all stages of production to ensure that the community benefits in as many ways as possible.


backed by accountability

Our team of world-class designers and technicians are backed by administration teams in our Australian and United Kingdom offices. We provide constant administrative and management support on all projects which sets us apart from traditional freelance creatives and smaller collectives.

At all stages of engagement, we provide in house WHS management, financial transparency, outstanding production and project management and constant client contact to ensure that all aspects of a project are on track and accountable.

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