Staged inside the spectacular new Silk Road Tourist Center in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, "The Eternal City" showcased thousands of years of history on a expansive thirty metre wide stage inside a purpose-built outdoor amphitheatre.

The opening festivities culminated with a large-scale theatrical show on the Eternal City's main stage, transformed into the observatory of historic Uzbek luminary Mirzo Ulugbek. Produced by a team of Uzbek and international choreographers, artists, directors, and technical specialists, the show represented a declaration of love for historical traditions, culture, and the modern aspirations of Uzbekistan.

Mandylights provided complete lighting design, programming, previsualisation and operation for the project utilising members of the company's Australian and UK teams with an incredibly short lead time of less than five weeks from concept to delivery.

The show was programmed in Australia, the UK and on site in our mobile suite in Samarkand, before rehearsals commenced on site only four days before the opening show.

The entire show is viewable online via YouTube below.

Show Credits
Creative Producer and Show Director: Andrei Boltenko
Art Direction and Original Story: Bobur Ismailov
Director and Musical Director: Daniil Pikturnyi
Production Designer: Zinovy Margolin
Costume Designer: Hilola Sher
Graphic Design: Raketamedia
Lighting Designer: Richard Neville on behalf of Mandylights
Mandylights Team: Tom Edwards, Liam Ashton, Tom Wightwick
Audio Director: Scott Willsallen
Executive producer: Ksenia Oleinikova
Producer: Olga Kalina
Composers: Sami Yusuf, Alexander Knyazev
Arrangement and Orchestration: Marat Maksudi, Nodir Makharov
Music Consultant, Conductor: Kamoliddin Urinbaev
Assistant Director: Alexandra Alexandrova
Script: Madina Muminova
Editor: Nodir Nishonov
Technical Director: Alexey Bulgakov
Technical Producer: Tarmo Krimm
Set production: Ilya Piatrouski, Sergei Koltsov
Show callers: Anna Gromkova, Dmitry Danilov
Project curator: Firdavs Abdukhalikov
TV Director: Alexander Boltenko
TV Producer: Sergei Sevumian
Director of Photography: Nikita Ivanov
TV Editor: Sergey Vasiliev
TV Crew Coordinators: Andrey Dreux, Olga Kovaleva