The Generator is a new immersive event by Mandylights. Themed around the idea of a sprawling, illuminated power plant, Generator is highly customisable for any indoor space - from underground carparks to unused retail spaces, warehouses or exhibition halls.

Comprising up to ten unique light artwork experiences, the Generator features completely immersive, often interactive light installations that are all driven by an energetic, industrial soundtrack and are suitable for guests of all ages. Guests can journey through a field of hanging tubes, wander through fields of alien flowers, be subjected to a wind tunnel, dance amongst a futuristic starscape or see their kinetic movements affect video screens in a 45 minute journey that features bold, vibrant discoveries around every corner.

The Generator can be delivered as a complete end-to-end key attractor for light or art festivals, corporate events or standalone executions. Mandylights is able to explore partnerships for activations. The entire installation is designed to tour quickly and adapt to any space.