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We work with artists and management alike to create outstanding visual design for concert and theatre touring, anywhere in the world.

Our services scale from lighting and visual design through to complete show design and delivery; including the creation and manufacture of bespoke scenic or visual elements.

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We don’t subscribe to traditional models of account management; instead preferring to contact our creatives with yours – directly. Creative intent and design is at the heart of all our work and we let it lead at all times.

Our designers seek to build long term relationships that are exemplified by our many clients who have relied on us for visual and show design for multiple tours and years of successful collaboration.

Like freelancers

with flex

Our team is small enough to still create meaningful designs and partnerships without feeling like an agency at any time. Our comparatively small size gives us flexibility and an amazing ability to adapt – to restart a design, be on call to scale venue sizes or instantly add new songs to a setlist.

That said, Mandylights has creative, financial and administrative strengths that freelancers just can’t offer. Our worldwide design team works on a 24hour cycle with no downtime across the company. We’re backed by a strong accounting and administration team, and our production team are also always available. We’re also able to invoice as a whole team, taking management and tour accountant headaches away as we operate as a complete, end-to-end service from design to touring operation.

Our business has a fifteen year history of constant growth – even during Covid-19 – and a solid track record of consistent delivery anywhere in the world.

Highly creative,

always grounded

All of our designers began their careers rolling cables and working on shows around the world. As a result, the creative output of Mandylights is always grounded firmly in reality with achievable, on budget designs that are suited perfectly to the scale of each project we work on.

From the beginning, each project’s renders, plans, initial concepts and pitches are delivered with a healthy dose of realism – we like to avoid things like mood boards, inspiration walls and free-wheeling renders and instead favour great, tailored, project-specific design at all times.

Global company

local knowledge

Between our UK and Australian offices, Mandylights has delivered projects of all shapes and sizes in over sixty five countries around the world. As a result, we know a thing or two about taking global creative trends, working with international artists and realising them in local markets around the world.

Need to know how to source gear in South America? How to pull off a great show in Algeria? Where the best crew is in Dubai? How to take Starlight Express around New Zealand or Cats around China? Or how to stage a corporate beach party in Fiji? We’ve been there and done it well.

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