Cathedral of Light draws physical inspiration from traditional arched windows, typically found in historic churches to create a long tunnel illuminated by
tens of thousands of LED light globes.
The installation evokes feelings of attraction, warmth, inclusion and a sense of journey with its distinctive shape, attractive tone and walk-through nature. Much like the idea of a church, the installation draws people out of the darkness and towards the metaphoric light.
Designed to be viewed from both inside and out, the Cathedral of Light appears as a single solid shape of bright light that illuminates its surroundings when viewed from a distance, radiating soft light outwards from all angles.
Inside the ‘cathedral’, the space is smaller and much more intimate, and it becomes apparent that the cathedral’s light is not from a single source, but made up of thousands of tiny globes that together make the light so bright.
The artist draws the analogy that, just like a strong community or congregation, the sculpture is made up of many smaller parts that work together to achieve a stronger, unified output.