Light Art

Our passion for light and production design extend well beyond the walls of theatres or the rooftops of stadiums. Over the last ten years, the Mandylights team have worked together to create a series of stunning light artworks that have since graced light festivals around the world on an unbelievable scale.

From the iconic “Cathedral of Light” through to the intricate detail of the “Will-o-the-Wisps”, our artworks are spectacular to look at, and designed with our knowledge of touring and logistics behind them. They move easily, install rapidly and are available for deployment anywhere in the world. All artworks are available for hire, adaptation and purchase and can be scaled from small activations through to city-wide artworks. We love working with private and public entities to deliver amazing experiences of all shapes and sizes and have a solid record of delivery with government at all levels, in addition to private clients ranging from enormous tech giants down to boutique event producers.


light-based design

Our design team’s lighting and sculptural backgrounds gives us a unique perspective for the creation of light artworks. We’re able to draw on years of concert, theatrical and special event work and condense the best arena-wide experiences down into intimate artwork experiences.

We draw on cutting edge technology, global design trends and individual desires to take advantage of dark nights and dim streets to create exceptional light-based artwork experiences.

Light art

with logistics

Turning the lights on is only one part of a successful light art engagement. At Mandylights, we offer an end-to-end production service that can include global freight, crewing and urgent maintenance plans, anywhere on earth.

We’re also proud to offer all-inclusive pricing for all our artworks – removing the surprises that always come with engaging freelance artists. We understand risks, freight and delivery around the world, and are able to guarantee delivery in most circumstances so event organisers can get on with the rest of their job without worrying about artwork delivery.

Single artworks with

the bigger picture in mind

Having had our work displayed at the world’s largest light festivals, we understand the importance of guest experience – even in the most crowded and demanding environments. We’re able to adapt almost all of our artworks to consider capacities, dwell times, counter-terrorism requirements and levels of interactivity. Our team has extensive experience in scaling all of our works to cater to any audience – while we may be focused on a small part of your event, our whole team will always have an eye on the bigger picture.

Spectacular lights,

outstanding engineering

All of our artworks are delivered to meet EU and AU/NZ temporary structures and electrical standards laws and can be adapted to conform with other standards before shipping or on site.

Our works are purpose-made to tour; shipping easily in standardised pallets and containers and designed to load in and out with minimal fuss.

We believe all our artworks should shine in all weather conditions – so our high IP-ratings and strong technical design will ensure that your guests have left the site a long time before you’ll have to turn off the lights.

Finally, we offer remote 4/5G monitoring of all our programmed artworks for ultimate piece of mind, where they can be checked and maintained remotely at all times.

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